Absolutism - Absolutism Sovereign politiques Parliament...

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Unformatted text preview: Absolutism Sovereign politiques Parliament Charles IX (1560-74) Estates General Henry III (1579-89) Diet Henry IV (1589-1610) House of Lords Edict of Nantes(1598) House of Commons Louis XIII (1610-43) Electors Cardinal Richelieu Huguenots “over mighty subject” Introduction Absolutism important is a number of ways Makes monarchs much more powerful Strengthens a notion of a central government • Much closer today then they were before b/c of absolutism Every state in Europe for the most part in the 1500s had 2 institutions of government The Prince(generic term) might be a great ruler like King of England or France or the Holy Roman Emperor… or a small ruler like the Duke of something • Monarch which means he is the sole ruler • Also sovereign in his land ♦ Sovereign laws are issued in his name In just about every state the same time there is a prince there is also a body of men whose job is to advise the prince and to make sure to some extent that the prince follows his own rules called the Estates(generic term) • In England the Estates is called Parliament made up of two house ♦ The House of Lords sits the Temporal(English nobility) and Spiritual(Bishop and Archbishop) Lords Every English nobleman has a seat in the House of Lords ♦ The House of Commons representative, the English people elect these people • In France the Estates are called the Estates General made up of three house and they are all representative ♦ Clergy...
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Absolutism - Absolutism Sovereign politiques Parliament...

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