Calvinism - Calvinism Institutes of Christian Religion...

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Calvinism Institutes of Christian Religion Ecclesiastical Ordinances Pastor Teacher Elders Deacon Predestination Hebrews Consistory “God’s Terrible Decree” John Calvin The person who systematically thought out Protestant Doctrine Also thought out what a Protestant Church should be Was not of Luther’s generation. Was born in 1509. Wasn’t a German. He was French His father was a lay official(non-clergyman) Was to become a lawyer and work with the French Church Went to University of Paris At the University Calvin began to read the works of Martin Luther He had a conversion then he talked about it But since France and the University was Catholic; Calvin ran away to Switzerland Settled in Switzerland; and wrote a book called The Institutes of the Christian Religion Was the most popular and used book in the reformation Set down a systematic thought of Protestantism The central idea that he keeps coming back to is the majesty and sovernty of God God is truly powerful and truly all knowing and truly always there in all places at all times By faith free gift from God God is all powerful therefore he chooses who will be saved and who will be damned
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He is omnipresent not limited by time Therefore who is saved was decided before the world was existed God has his list and has made up his mind and there was nothing you could do to about it. The Hebrews were God’s children
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Calvinism - Calvinism Institutes of Christian Religion...

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