Civil War 09-29-06

Civil War 09-29-06 - History 1003 Civil War Forced loans...

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History 1003 09-29-06 Civil War Forced loans Petition of Right (1628) Martial law Speaker Henrietta Maria Arminians Scottish Rebellion The Long Parliament Presbyterians Grand Remonstrance (1641) John Pym Militia Ordinance (1642) Cavaliers Roundheads Oliver Cromwell Battle of Naseby (1645) Barebones Parliament (1653) Charles II (1660-1685) Charles I (1625-1649) Was the son of James I Charles found himself with problems He was fighting a war on the continent that Parliament insisted he fight but refused to give him money Has two choices Make peace with Spain and France Parliament will say he is weak and that he wants to help Catholics— political suicide Find a way to get money by raising taxes in semi- legal way—Parliament says that he is a tyrant For a while Charles says that he will forgo calling Parliament and be an absolute monarch and collect taxes by which ever means possible One of the methods he used was called a forced loan This is where the king was able to force the nobles to give the king a loan—if they didn’t want to he
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History 1003 09-29-06 would throw them in jail for contempt of the throne Another tax that he brought into effect—Chimney tax —every house in England has at least one chimney A chimney tax is just that—a tax for every chimney in your house—a progressive tax— wealthy you are the more chimneys the more you have to pay To save expenses—he would allow troops to stay in private homes Called the Quartering Controversy Every one of these actions made Parliament even more angry Remember that Charles I and Archbishop William Laud are making the church all pretty—makes the Puritans angry Charles and Parliament He was forced that call Parliament in 1628-29 Was a complete flop
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Civil War 09-29-06 - History 1003 Civil War Forced loans...

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