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Final Exam - History 1003 Final Exam I The Coming of War A...

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History 1003 Final Exam I. The Coming of War A. Long Term Causes 1. Competitive State System a. All the countries competed against each other in every way. b. The opposite of the United States. i. If they ended up like this, there would have been a series of wars among the states. ii. It didn’t guarantee that there would be war. c. It had been 99 years since the last general war in Europe 2. Nationalism a. Belief system born in the French Revolution b. Became the most powerful belief in the world. i. One nation was more important than the other was popular. c. Gave a vicious kick to the idea of a competitive state system. i. You had to succeed and others had to fail. 3. Imperialism a. By 1900, 90% of the earth’s surface was controlled by Europeans. b. The French and British Empires were huge and were all over the world i. Everyone wanted more and the only way to get more was to take from those who already had. 4. Trade Rivalry a. Who could make the most money selling things? b. The first country to become an industrial power was Great Britain. i. In 1850 they were way ahead but in the 1870s Germany caught up and was way ahead by 1900. The British resented it enormously. ii. In Africa, the Germans went through the trouble of learning the native languages which propelled them. iii. The Germans produced bad items and stamped them with “Made in Great Britain.” 5. Popular Journalism a. Impossible before readership, this only came when countries engaged in mass publication, and cheap publication, which the Rotary Press made possible. b. It succeeded because it emphasized war, scandal, spies, sex, etc. c. It had to emphasize crisis which kept people stirred up. 6. Militarism a. The belief in the military b. In the last 25 years before 1914, there were stunning advances in military i. Weaponry The development of smokeless powder for artillery More than tripled the power of the explosive force. The perfecting of the machine gun Around the 1890s it became dependable
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Easily fire 100-200 rounds a minute. Make bravery a death sentence ii. Navy Naval battle ships are always compromised of armor, speed, and armaments. Until 1906 they were built to only have enough armor, enough speed, and enough weapons In 1906 the British launched the HMS Dreadnought which changed everything Largest guns ever on a battleship which had a range of more than 15 miles Incredible speed because it had almost no armor. Thought that they could ship every ship and have enough speed to stay away from others. Every naval ship was outdated and so every country started building ships like the Dreadnought. iii. Every country adopted an institution called the General Staff It is a group of officers whose whole being is to plan whatever may happen in war. Worst case possibilities.
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Final Exam - History 1003 Final Exam I The Coming of War A...

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