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Isms 10-25-06 - History 1003 10-25-06 "Isms" of...

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History 1003 10-25-06 “Isms” of the 19 th Century Edmund Burke (1727-97) Reflections on the Revolution in France John Locke Montesquieu Laissez-faire Adam Smith The Wealth of Nations (1776) Marseillaise God Save the King Volkgeist Duetschland Uber Alles “France d’Abord” Darwinism “survival of the fittest” “Nordic race” Reactions to things going on in France(the Enlightenment and French Revolution) Romanticism Romanticism is the Germans response to French culture as a result of their treatment by Napoleon Appealed to the opposite of reason—rejected the Enlightenments ideas of rules and order—appealed to the senses Rejected the idea of the universe as a machine Tend to look back to the mystical thinking of the Middle Ages Begin to think that the Middle Ages is the great crowning of society View Christianity as what they believe to be the piety of the Middle Ages They glorified the mysterious, magical, spiritual nature of man The writers and painters began to even dress to resemble to clothes of the Middle Ages Looked at nature differently—portray nature as a mystical splendor—often painted wild rocky landscapes, or stressed
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History 1003 10-25-06 the power of wild nature either untouched by man or encroaching on civilization Enlightened painters did the opposite—landscape paintings had order and human things were put there as if they just belonged Romanticism was a reaction against the ideas and order that the Enlightened people believed Conservatism Edmund Burke was a major contributor to Conservative thought At first he supported the French revolution but then as it went on he was in horror He argued that social and political change should be a slow process
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Isms 10-25-06 - History 1003 10-25-06 "Isms" of...

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