Napoleon 10-18-06

Napoleon 10-18-06 - History 1003 Napoleon Corsica Consul...

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History 1003 10-18-06 Napoleon Corsica Consul Council of State Prefect Code Napoleon French Empire Grand Empire Confederation of the Rhine Emperor of the French Nationalism Origins In 1799 Napoleon takes over the French Revolution Largely responsible for spreading the ideas of the French Revolution all over Europe With Napoleon we enter what is typically called the Modern Born in 1769 and isn’t French technically speaking Was the son of a minor nobleman on the island of Corsica As youth, Napoleon attended military schools Became a French officer in the Army He became a radical and joined the radical cause Had there been no revolution the would have probably have stayed a minor officer He became a general during the Reign of Terror As an Enlightenment man, Napoleon was free from customary ideas—and moral scruples as well! Believed the world was a place he could form with his own mind He was a charismatic genius. He also had enormous ambition He could dazale and captivate people to follow him everywhere His interest ran to what called solid subjects—history, law, military science The Man
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History 1003 10-18-06 Became famous in 1795 when he was ordered to command military troops in a small town in France—it was against an up rise against the French Revolution and Reign of Terror The group was approaching and he loaded cannons with riffle ammunition and fired it into the crowd which took care of the rebels in a swift fashion The French government was pleased and sent him to many more missions He was very successful but he threatened the radical government b/c with his success he became popular with the French people The French government was worried that Napoleon would become too popular and take over So what they did was to put him in situations where he would die without it looking like the French Radical government wanted it Sent him into battles he couldn’t possible win or he
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Napoleon 10-18-06 - History 1003 Napoleon Corsica Consul...

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