The Catholic Reformation

The Catholic Reformation - The Catholic Reformation...

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The Catholic Reformation Ignatius Loyola Spiritual Exercises “Black Pope” Council of Trent (1545-1547, 1551-1552, 1562-1563) Vulgate Bible (St. Jerome’s) Celibacy of clergy Introduction The protestant reformation had a profound impact on the Catholic church Broke it up But also caused the Church to look at itself Some scholars believe that the only reason the Catholic Church reformed was b/c of the Protestant reformation They call it the counter reformation Others believe that it probably would’ve happened any but they agree that the way the Church goes is due to the Protestant Reformation The Catholic Reformation is conservative and looks very reactionalistic There are 3 diff. groups that want to reform the church One believes that the problem is the people Pies The church reforms itself through a series of councils Society of Jesus (Jesuits) Leader of church reform was founded by a Spanish soldier by Ignatius Loyola He was a professional soldier by choice Fought on the Catholic side Military career came to an end b/c he was hit by a cannon ball Spent the next 2 or 3 years recovering from his wound Began to read religious books Caused him to under go a religious experience Came out of his experience even more deeply committed to Catholicism that he ever was before
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Instead of just being safe by faith alone, he believed
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The Catholic Reformation - The Catholic Reformation...

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