The English Model 09-27-06

The English Model 09-27-06 - History The English Model...

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History 09/07/06 The English Model Identify: Squires, Parliament, Tudor, Huguenots, “popery” , James VI & I Stuart, Trew Law of Free Monarchies (1598), The Millenary Petition (1604), The Book of Sports (1618), Pilgrims, The Duke of Buckingham Everywhere but England absolutism is the thing to do The reason England doesn’t do this is because the way the English government in beginning in 1603 The political situations in France and England France Louis XIV is in charge of everything England Very different from France Instead of the 3 estates in France, in England there were actually classes based on what you did in the 1600s rather than what you did in Medieval times Nobility poers The great noble families of England small amount Spiritual The bishops and arcbishops of the Anglican Church Sit in the House of Lords not representative Merchants The urban wealth of England—stationed in London and Plymouth and large cities Gentry squires Don’t exist anywhere but England Not noblemen they are commoners The squires are commoners but are owners of large tracts of land; not titled; frequently are knighted
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History 09/07/06 Knight is not a noblemen means they have been honored but not noble-ed by the king/queen Sit in the House of Commons representative Learn to play politics in England Over the course of the Tudor dynasty Parliament begins to assert their power—the right to make laws Believe that is their job to make laws and the kings job
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The English Model 09-27-06 - History The English Model...

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