The English Reformation

The English Reformation - The English Reformation Henry...

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The English Reformation Henry VIII (1509-1547) Episcopal John Wyclif Six Articles Lollards Edward VI (1547-1553) Catherine of Aragon Lutheran Anne Boleyn “Bloody Mary” (1553- 1558) Pope Clament VII Philip II Charles V Habsburg Elizabeth (1558-1603) “supreme head” Act of Supremacy (1559) Act of Supremacy (1534) “supreme governor” Liturgy Puritans Takes place in the 16 th century Was not a theological Was b/c of politics A love sick king wanted a divorce King Henry VIII’s reformation Reformation was popular Supported by man of his subjects when he separated from the Roman Catholic Church Just like in other areas in Europe, English people believed that the Catholic Church was corrupt & were tired of giving them money England had already been the scene of religious protests John Wyclif led a protest attracted a lot of followers King worked hard to stamp out this movement but there were still many who still believed A number of English scholars that read what Luther had to say However if it was not for Henry the English Church would not have broken away In 1527 Henry the eight had been married for 18 years to Catherine of Aragon All of there children had died at birth except for a daughter Said he needed a male to take the throne when he died Catherine wasn’t going to provide him with one
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Henry had important political reasons for Had become to love Anne Boleyn She told Henry no which made her even more attractive Henry had a problem The only solution he could think of was to divorce
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The English Reformation - The English Reformation Henry...

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