The Industrial Revolution 10-23-06

The Industrial Revolution 10-23-06 - History 1003 The...

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History 1003 10-23-06 The Industrial Revolution Squires Field systems Charles “Turnip” Townshend Enclosure movement Enclosure acts Infrastructure Josiah Wedgewood Royal Patent Office Bank of England Continental Blockade Introduction Most important revolution b/c it changed just about everything in society still continues today although it is more technological 1715-1815 when it takes place Prerequisites What do you need to have an industrial revolution? People need them for 2 things One is people to make the goods and produce them in the factories Second is the people who buy the goods In this part they were not the same people In the 18 th Britain was the fastest growing country in Europe In 1700 there were 5 million by 1761 there were 6.1 million by 1801 there were 8.7 million How you get lost of people—you have to have lost of food Just at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution—Britain has an agricultural revolution Gentry—own huge amounts of land but they aren’t nobleman—they are gentleman farmers To get more money they have to produce more food In the early 18 th century There is mild inflation
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History 1003 10-23-06 Also an increase in taxes on land holders—which means if you are a gentry your money doesn’t go as far and you have to pay more taxes Have to figure out how to make the land yield more English agriculture was pretty much the same---had the 2 or 3 field method—grow on one side and not on the other As a method this sucks b/c a portion of your land isn’t being used Townshend came up with the group rotation system
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The Industrial Revolution 10-23-06 - History 1003 The...

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