Abosolutism - Louis XIV- the Fronde, psychologically...

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Louis XIV- the Fronde, psychologically scarred - He resolved to move his court away from Paris, 12 miles west at Versailles - In the 72 years of his reign, he only visited Paris four times o Made Versailles a staging ground for ceremonies 1660-1686 Chateau o Huge, a symbol of the king’s power and prestige, the state o The nobles sustained their aristocratic culture, wrapped themselves in luxury and stability - He believed that his court was the height of civilization that everyone else should strive for o France becomes the center of European civilization influence Foreign monarchs, writers considered French to be the language of high culture The Habsburg Monarchy - Weak Central Power of the HRE (the German states collection) o Voltaire dismissed the HRE as being holy, roman, or an empire any more o Increasingly dominated by absolute monarchs, the HRE is outdated, not relevant The treaty of Westphalia reinforced its inability to enforce its power Becomes more of just a title than power Unable to conduct foreign policy effectively, or an army - Empirical assembly o Had no authority to conduct foreign policy within its states, the imperial army was small, and ineffective - Strongest State in HRE is Austria o Despite the fact that it was the strongest state, it had less effective authority than the king of France had within his boundaries o Did successfully implement a state administration in Austria Expanded educational opportunities for the upper classes
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Abosolutism - Louis XIV- the Fronde, psychologically...

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