Absolutism III

Absolutism III - 10.03.07 The Russian Empire - Moscovy o...

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10.03.07 The Russian Empire - Moscovy o Early in the 1500’s Moscovy is a relatively small state- not called Russia yet- Known of the Russ lands o Emerges as the greatest territories- it was a city state, eventually taking all the rival states and principalities by the late 15 century - Ivan III “Lord of All Russia” o Ruler of Moscovy – he started using this title as he gained territories The rise of Russia as an absolute state and an empire is going to begin with more expansion of Moscovy in the late 16 th century - Tsar Ivan IV “The Terrible” o He pushes to make Russia bigger- earned the name the Terrible He was raised in an era of violence marked by feuds of the nobles, Boyars Kill or be killed influences how he conducts policy The boyars poisoned his mother when he was eight years old, at 13 Ivan ordered a noble ripped apart by dogs As an adult he had an arch bishop sewn into a bear skin and thrown to hungry wolves o His goals were to assure a reliable military force, sufficient revenue to run his country, and continue advancing his causes He did this by creating a ‘service state’ The nobles would serve him while receiving protection against other nobles as well as against peasant rebellions He then made sure that if there were any nobles who had too much of an army or someone who didn’t obey him- he killed them Alternated himself of extreme religiousness, drunken passion, and stormy brutality He dies in 1584- this leads to a period of disruption in a struggle for power - Times of Troubles o The period of intermittent anarchy- no stability; people trying to get the throne, assassinations – a power vacuum almost Starts in 1584 ending in 1613 when the ruling house Assembly of Nobles elect the Romanoff tsars The next two tsars try to restore order, peace and stability - Serfdom o Emerges as one of the fundamental characteristics of Russian Absolutism o In times before the real institution of serfdom many peasants would flee the region of Moscow and settle in the frontier areas This leads to a chronic shortage of labor that is necessary to work
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Absolutism III - 10.03.07 The Russian Empire - Moscovy o...

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