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Alexander I succession

Alexander I succession - The Greek Revolt Treaty of...

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The Greek Revolt - Treaty of Adrianople in 1829 o Crowning of King Otto I of Greece - Liberal reform had supporters in Russia particularly among the nobles who had been educated in western Europe and learned about the enlightenment o Also some of the army officers who had gone to west Europe and lived in France after the fall of napoleon o They had been exposed to things outside of Russia and made them want to change things By 1820 there were two loosely linked conspiracy groups The educated nobles (the northern section) Hopes that Russia could evolve towards British constitutionalism Wanted a monarchy so they could keep their privileges Southern section- military officers Had more radical ideas o Kill the tsar and establish a republic They had lived in France- they were thinking like the French revolutionists o Tsar Alexander I dies in 1825- he was the tsar of the Napoleonic wars The unions take this as a sign to take action The tsar had two brothers: Constantine (eldest) o Should have gotten the throne, he was more open to reforms Nicholas o Mean, not liked by the radicals o But he was stronger than his brother, and Constantine yielded the succession to his brother - Nicholas reacts badly to anything that challenges his authority o The secret society of the northern union convinced the garrison in St. Petersburg to support the succession of the liberal Constantine They make a political statement- the garrison occupies the central square in St. Petersburg and call for Constantine Nicholas reacts to this by having the soldiers who are loyal to him gun them down o The southern union decides to act as well and plans an insurrection It also fails and is brutally put down Nicholas executes all the leaders of the Decembrist’s o (the group of people who did the insurrection) o Known as the Decembrist Revolt (happens in December)
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o Nicholas I tightens his grip on education, police, tried to exclude western ideas from coming into Russia at all in response to this revolt Institutes heavy censorship Despite all this, liberalists ideas still leak in - Bourbon Restoration o After the Napoleon problem, the bourbon family was restored to power As a condition of Louis XVIII becoming king- he agrees to a charter This makes france a constitutional monarchy Charter of 1814 o Recognized equality before the law o Accepted the Napoleonic civil code o
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Alexander I succession - The Greek Revolt Treaty of...

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