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Challenges to Restoration Europe

Challenges to Restoration Europe - Challenges to...

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Challenges to Restoration Europe - Aftermath of the French revolution and the Napoleonic wars - The Post Napoleonic Settlement o After the wars of napoleon- settles all the matters in Europe; The Congress of Vienna Meets during September 1814- June 1815 This congress had representatives from all of the allies Austria, Russia, Prussia and Great Britain o They wanted to reestablish peace in Europe They never wanted France to get that powerful ever again As a result of this, they agreed to form a coalition, known as the Quadruple alliance To prevent France, or any other state, or political movement from threatening the legitimate sovereigns of Europe o The Dominant figures of this congress: the Austrian Chancellor- Metternich, and British prime minister- Castlereagh Metternich personally thought that Europe could only find peace if the legitimate sovereigns were unchallenged Particularly liberalism and nationalism were not favorite with him- thought it disrupted the empire If one state could not become too powerful either o This agreed with the Quad alliance Prussia, Russia and Austria promised each other mutual assistance whenever religion, peace, or their version of justice was threatened This gave them justification to repress any liberal or national movement within their own countries The British were more concerned about France solely They sought to eliminate the French threat o But both Metternich and Castlereagh were nervous about Russia expanding - In an effort to ensure no one power could dominate the rest o They said that when a state gave up territory, they would be compensated with territory elsewhere- this was to keep the balance Trading land power- if Russia gets land, all the other countries get land too etc… o To enforce this- territory was portioned to create buffers for France and to make sure Russia did not become too powerful Exchanges of territory- Russian troops at the end of the Napoleonic wars occupied much of Poland Decided that they wanted to annex it o Great Britain, France and Austria decided to form an alliance just in case Russia decides to attack anyone in western Europe
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Russia gets what it wants- in May of 1815, the kingdom of Poland was proclaimed Becomes known as Congress Poland o Becomes nothing more than a Russian protectorate o In name it is not a part of Russia, but in reality it
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Challenges to Restoration Europe - Challenges to...

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