Characteristics of Absolute Rule

Characteristics of Absolute Rule - Expansion of State and...

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Expansion of State and structure - Absolutism o King guarantees money and titles for obedience, o Expansion of the tax structure more efficiently which means more money= more wars o Increases the states capacity to maintain a standing army Fortifications and the ability to wage war England does not have a standing army on British shores because of Cromwell - During the 16 th century, the peace time army (standing army) ranged between 10 thousand and 20 thousands soldiers total o By 1690’s peace time armies had reached 150 thousand o The French army during the war of Spanish succession rose from 180 thousand in peace time (the largest standing army) to 350 thousand men during war France is the pinnacle example of an Absolutist state o Russian army had similar growth, 130 thousand men, to 480 thousand men o England and the Dutch republic (non-Absolute) have relatively small armies They were both primarily sea powers they relied on their navy - Up till now its been religion to go to war, but now it is reasons of state to have justification to go to war o Trying to increase the power of the state- an excuse to wage war o Absolutist France is the most powerful state in Europe Louis XIII aided by Cardinal Richelieu had introduced new innovative structures, used provincial officials known as ‘intendents’ to centralize and extend the reach of the monarchy in France Increase their ability to raise revenue After Louis XIII dies, Louis XIV has been set up to rule in an Absolute state Before this can happen, he must have the Regency of his mother and the Fronde- he was four when he inherited the throne, 1643 o Louis’ mother, Ann of Austria serves as regent She listens to a Cardinal named Jules Maserane- who was worldy, Italian and in France, known for his love of money
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Characteristics of Absolute Rule - Expansion of State and...

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