Conflict in Stuart England

Conflict in Stuart England - Conflict in Stuart England...

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Conflict in Stuart England Treaty of Westphalia ends the 30 years war - Maximilian I catholic guy promised to help out if he gets the upper palatinate - Lower palatinate goes to the elector Frederick’s son, who is protestant o With minor exceptions the territories are pretty much going to stay the same until 1789, the French revolution o At the end of the 30 years war, the German states emerge much stronger, and with more independence from the HRE which is now much weaker as a result of this war They can now carry out their own foreign policy They were not allowed to form alliances against the HRE however o Bohemia loses its independence and the protestants, landowners that had lost their lands did not recover their lands or their religious toleration Bohemia stays catholic At the end of the Treaty of Augsburg you could be either religion, but only Lutheran, with the Treaty of Westphalia- the German Calvinists were granted the same rights as German Lutherans This reiterates what the peace of Augsburg had done, but expands it a little- and the religion of the ruler is the religion of the state o Territorial churches- they are either Calvinists, Lutherans or Catholics For the most part Lutherans remain the dominate religion in the northern half of the HRE Catholicism is most dominant the southern half Calvinists is most dominant in the Rhine land (land that borders France and Germany) Wars of Religion in England Conflict in Stuart England - After Elizabeth dies James I is on the throne in 1603 - He gives them a secure dynasty with a male heir, people liked him o Unfortunately he proves to be a big spender, his greatest failure as a king is his spending and scandalous court He lavished gifts on his favorites Spent excessive amounts of money on his own comforts Cheating, fighting and such in his court o He conducted a scandalous affair with George Villiers, the Duke of Buckingham People were jealous of his power over the king, his lands, titles etc.
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- James wants religious unity o There are people who are more protestant than others o He oversees the production of the King James version of the Bible in 1611 He has explicit control over what goes into that Bible, he edited it Promoting the Divine right of the King
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Conflict in Stuart England - Conflict in Stuart England...

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