Consolodating the Revolution

Consolodating the Revolution - Consolidating the Revolution...

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Consolidating the Revolution - The declaration of the Rights of Man o August 26, 1789 o Reflects the influence of the enlightenment All men have free and equal rights, sovereignty rests with the nation, rights come from being a citizen not a specific social group Protects property rights, protected people from persecution for their religion o Louis response to this- the king has to approve this This severely curtails royal authority, the court party (royal advisors)- they reject anything that removes the king’s absolute veto The assembly offers him a compromise- a suspending veto If legislation gets passed that he doesn’t agree with he can delay the legislation for four years o Louis finds this unacceptable He refuses to accept the declaration of the rights of men and the august decrees This leads to bad press for the king, he is vilified o Growing anti-king sentiments Lots of nasty journalism comes out- personal attacks on him and his wife o By October of 1789 people are saying he needs to live in Paris to be part of the people again This calls the March to Versailles forward- this is sparked by a minor event; rumors Created when there were officers who were at a party and had insulted the newly tri-colored flag of France o The king and queen had attended this dinner In addition to this- the king and queen spoke out against the national assembly as well in this rumor This rumor leads to increased anger against the royal family o October 5 1789 in Paris the women go to market and there is massive shorteges of food They are mad and begin gathering to over 10 thousand people, they march all the way to Versailles They were going to complain and hope that the king will give them bread The National guard follows behind the crowds in an attempt to hold order- but also to bring the king back to Paris They get there and the king comes out and greets them- promises them food
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Then he meets with the national guard and agrees to accept
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Consolodating the Revolution - Consolidating the Revolution...

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