Emergence of Adolf Hitler

Emergence of Adolf Hitler - Emergence of Adolf Hitler- He...

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Unformatted text preview: Emergence of Adolf Hitler- He makes use of the depression in Germany to make his move; the economic situation continues to deteriorate o By 1932 unemployment was 6 million o Hitler did not get elected while running against Hindenburg Hindenburg is elected as president and names Franz von Papen as his chancellor who is an old school nationalist The Nazis emerge as the largest party during these popular elections Not enough of Papens party is elected, so he is forced to resign in 1932 o Hindenburg then appoints General Kurt von Schleicher There is bad blood between the new chancellor and Papen- they dislike each other Papen starts conspiring with Hitler because of this o They develop a scheme that allows the appointment of Hitler as chancellor o Hitler had what Papen wanted because he had popular support Papen agrees to Hitlers demand as the chancellor, and expects as vice chancellor to be in control Papen convinces Hindenburg to dismiss Von Schleicher Jan. 30 1933 Hitler is named chancellor of Germany - After Hitler takes office, he outmaneuvers Papen and he finds himself on the outs of the political status o In March of 1933 there is supposed to be a new election for the parliament A few days before this takes place the Reichstag building catches fire- the building partially destroyed Nazis blamed the fire on communists- scare tactics Hitler uses the incident to convince Hindenburg to take action Suspending freedom of speech, press and other civil liberties o March 23, 1933, the Reichstag passes the enabling act It gives Hitlers cabinet dictatorial authority for four years Hitler now has full power to do whatever he wants, so he moves to get rid of any opposition o In 1933 he consolidates his power by Abolishing all independent labor unions Prohibited strikes and lockouts Abolished self government in the German states o In July of 1933 the Nazis party becomes the only legal party He follows in Stalins footsteps on June 30, 1934 He carries out a purge of the Nazis party as well as the militia and any other of his opponents - President Hindenburg helps Hitler out when he conveniently dies in August 2, 1934- Hitler has dictatorial power...
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Emergence of Adolf Hitler - Emergence of Adolf Hitler- He...

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