Imperialism - Imperialism Trying to unify Germany; getting...

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Imperialism - Trying to unify Germany; getting ready for a war with Austria o Secret alliances; Bismarck laying down the groundwork He moves to instigate war with Austria He exaggerates the reports of the Austrian war preparations to get the people behind him He denounced Austria for what he saw as seditious agitation- they were being aggressive Bismarck sends troops into Holstein o Austria allies with some of the smaller states within the German confederation Within three weeks the Prussians had defeated the Austrian and south German armies By July 1866, Austria has lost o The treaty of Prague in August 1866 Eliminated Austria as a rival for the German states; its going to be the smaller German solution Because Prussia defeats Austria, Austria no longer have sway over who is going to controlling the unified Germany Reorganized the north German confederation into a new union of 22 states o This gives them a new constitution and a parliament Reichstag Prussia dominates the northern union o William I is president of the new German confederation Bismarck is made federal chancellor Austria according to the treaty of Prague were forced to give up any claims to Schleswig and Holstein - Now Prussia has Schleswig and Holstein, as well as being in control of the north German confederation o In the meantime, the old Zollverein customs union included the southern German states- it is expanded to include an assembly of elected delegates (a parliament)
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Imperialism - Imperialism Trying to unify Germany; getting...

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