Industrial revolution

Industrial revolution - Industrial revolution (1750-1850)...

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Industrial revolution (1750-1850) - Causes of Industrialization in Britain first o Made possible by economic pre-conditions The only other country that came close was Holland because they also had asocial class system that helped But they lacked raw material like coal and iron This prevents them from industrializing at the same time as Britain Why Britain? They had a well developed market economy Working banking system o Made up of the bank of England and smaller banks outside of London Aided by the lack of internal customs barriers (happened in 1707)- free trade area between Scotland and England (united kingdom) o Technological factors Scientific revolution touched all of Europe- but England takes advantage of it Britain was more practical in nature than theoretical o The soap making process (Holland), the industrial loom that came from France o Social factors Their society and politics were influenced by the emerging middle class The aristocracy boost industrialization because they invest in
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Industrial revolution - Industrial revolution (1750-1850)...

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