Napoleon - Napoleon The directory falls in 1799 Napoleon...

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Napoleon - The directory falls in 1799, Napoleon joins with Abbe Sieyes and form a new stronger executive of three councils o Bonaparte is the first council o He brings stability with his rise to power - France is still at war with the second coalition (Britain, Austria and …) o In 1800 he is able to defeat the Austrian army- Russia is fighting France and having a side war with Ottomans Leaves Britain all by themselves- so they all sign the peace of Amiens This ends the war of the second coalition France keeps all of the significant gains on the continent Britain must return all of the French colonies that they had captured With the peace of Amiens all Britain gets is a stop to the fighting o By 1802 France is at peace for the first time in a decade and been brought by Napoleon to a position of power Napoleon is elected consul for life Begins the ground for a hereditary empire for France, all of his stuff passes to his kids- like a monarchy On Dec. 2 1804, Napoleon is crowned emperor by Pope Pius VII - He makes some changes within France o He tries to make the state/administration more efficient and uniform o In 1800 Napoleon establishes the bank of France This is to facilitate the ability of the government to borrow money He makes a bank so he can borrow money for his wars He abandoned the inflated paper money of the revolution and in doing this he stabilized the currency He then wanted to increase his tax revenue He facilitates the assessment and collection of taxes Expands the number of absolute taxes o Salt, tobacco, liquor- and any item imported into a town that has more than five thousand people In addition to this, the empire makes education the responsibility of the state First time this ever happened In 1802 he establishes state secondary schools called Lycees o Public education for the first time o The civil code of 1804 (the Napoleonic Code) His most lasting legacy This code makes the rights of property owners sacrosanct
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Property is sacred, the government cannot take it from you Over 2 thousand articles long Enshrined the equality of all people before the law and freedom of religion He considered the family the most important to train the individual
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Napoleon - Napoleon The directory falls in 1799 Napoleon...

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