Reformation- England

Reformation- England - 9.5.2007 Henry IV was pretty...

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Henry IV was pretty conservative - the issue of the royal divorce creates the split between him and Rome - This doesn’t really change any practice at the time except for terminology - The monarchs can’t make up their minds o Upset with dynasty- Henry wanted a boy child, everyone has their own fashion over who will be in control Not until Elizabeth I will the nation become actually protestant - Henry ruled from 1509-1547 o He was not first in the line for the throne, he married Catherine of Aragon after his older brother died (catherines actual first husband) She is from Spain, to marry your brother’s widow you needed help from the pope They needed an annulment Catherine gives him a child, Mary In 1520’s she’s older and doesn’t have a male child yet o In 1527 he seeks an annulment- based on the grounds that he should never have been able to marry her o Pope Clement IIV is in a bad position, if he goes with Henry he admits that the pre-pope was wrong And Charles V ransacked Rome before, and the nephew of Catherine of Aragon Pope thinks he’s going to be killed again Pope says no! Henry responds with mount an assault on the church in England, calls on parliament in 1529 Passes acts that makes it impossible to hold multiple offices Regulates the fees for burials and wills Ended clerical immunity from prosecution, only on charges on robbery and murder o In 1532 Henry’s had enough, he passes the Act in Restraint of Annates It withholds annates, the tax that goes to Rome does not go to rome anymore until he gets a divorce Not everyone was happy, conservatives like Thomas Moore were trying to persuade him not to get the divorce and not attack the church More radical members were Thomas Kramer, and some
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Reformation- England - 9.5.2007 Henry IV was pretty...

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