Reformation- England conclusion

Reformation- England conclusion - The Reformation in...

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The Reformation in England- Conclusion - People have been trying to knock Elizabeth off and everyone Catholic hates her especially the pope o Intensifies the fear of the Catholic threat, religious profiling The Jesuit Fear and its Results - Jesuit Missionaries 1580s o Start invading England, they are not allowed to be there, they are sneaking in trying to continue revving up the Catholic cause o Came in as missionaries- turns more anti catholic legislation - Severe Anti-Catholic Legislation o The Act to Retain the Queen’s Majesty’s Subjects That anyone who said the pope was in charge was to be executed as a traitor Also said that anyone who helped anyone professing the supremacy of Rome was to be executed as well Those hiding the Jesuits and helping them Set fines and prison sentences for any priests who gave a catholic mass instead of following the common prayer book Set fines for recusancy- non attendance of the Anglican mass Finding the traitors in their midst o The Act Against Seditious Words and Rumors Uttered Against the Queen No badmouthing the queen, no rumors, no overthrowing the queen If you repeated what the pope said about not listening to the queen If you do this twice and you are caught you are executed - The Throckmorton Plot o In 1583 there was a discovery of a French plot to invade England- France is Catholic
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  • Fall '08
  • Horton
  • Elizabeth, Elizabeth I of England, Spanish Armada, James I of England, Mary, Queen of Scots, Society of Jesus

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Reformation- England conclusion - The Reformation in...

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