Reformation- England continuation

Reformation- England continuation - Last Class Anne of...

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Last Class: Anne of Cleaves, the Mare of Flanders - Cromwell was disgraced and executed in 1540 o Because he set up this match to Anne of Cleaves his enemies used this to discredit him Duke of Norfolk is allowed to increase his influence because of this He wants to get in well with Henry so he arranges an introduction with his niece - Marriage to Catherine Howard, niece of Duke of Norfolk in 1540 o Rumors swirling around that Catherine Howard was pregnant with a son He marries her a few weeks after his divorce of Cleaves Henry is on his way to 50, he has been gaining weight and looks like we think of now Henry still thinks of himself as a ladies man, showers her with jewels and gifts but she is not excited about it She was not pregnant when they got married, and she was repulsed by him o Early 1541 become the first desperate housewife and has an affair with Thomas Colpepper- eventually news gets out to Henry He has her arrested in 1541, stripped of her title as queen, her adultery is ruled treason In 1542 she is executed- the night before her death she practiced her head laying on the block Body is buried in an unmarked grave - The people who introduced Catherine are discredited because of the cheating, Norfolk is damaged by her adultery o Henry marries his sixth wife, Catherine Parr in July 1542 o As a queen she was big on reconciling his children of his previous wives o She also developed a good relationship with his son Edward She was very religious and reformist enough to be viewed with suspicion from Catholics and she wasn’t protestant enough for the others She is very good at manipulating Henry and is the only wife that survives him o The last years of his reign were mostly non-religious in 1544 there was an English mass When Henry dies in 1547 there was no actual declaration in church doctrine, and the structure remained catholic
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  • Henry VIII of England, Mary I of England, Edward VI of England, Cleaves Henry, prayer book, Colpepper- eventually news

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Reformation- England continuation - Last Class Anne of...

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