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Reformations - Reformations The protestant and catholic...

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Reformations - The protestant and catholic reformations in 16 th century Europe o The growth of royal power and centralized monarchy o Most significant is the Reformation- forces people to make a choice between religions Before this there was unified Christianity, now its catholic or protestant- life or death - Around 1460- Roots of the Reformation o Renaissance Humanism- Humanists are interested in morality, ethics, the critical study of texts in works of literature Very interested in the debates over the Bible Begin criticizing corruption in the church Did no like the idleness of monastic life- felt they were stagnant and out of touch with the modern world They got upset about the religious practices that were illogical and superstitious The spread of humanism is very gradual and does not present an immediate threat to the church, paves way for the reformation o Humanists were not the only ones criticizing the church, but they did not touch the pope Papacy had vocal critics- Monarchs of Europe were not cool with the control the pope had The reformers- help culminate the reformation and shatter the religion - The Selling of Indulgences o The most significant abuse the church was using that people disliked the most 1515, albert of Hossenholleren bribed the pope to give him a job and be the arch bishop of somewhere He couldn’t afford to pay the pope, he was 23, he went to a wealthy banker Jacob Funger, (the Rich) o Borrowed a lot of money and paid the pope o Authorized the selling of the indulgences to be able to pay off the debt Known as the St. Peter’s indulgence because the part that went to the pope was for the basilica in Rome Releases a person from punishment of their sins o John Tetsil was authorized to go around Europe to sell them He made a chart of how much it would cost per sin The money was going to be split- but this was not the first time indulgences were sold Meant to reduce the time a soul spends in purgatory
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Pope eventually said that families could buy them for already passed family members o No one had to actually repent and be forgiven, it is hypocritical Rich have better access to heaven than the poor The moment money tinkles in the collection box, a soul flies from purgatory - Clerical abuses- no other abuse got so much rallying as indulgences o Sale of Offices- Albert Holesenhoff You get money if you’re a priest, income from the lands o Absenteeism- You are never in the parish you are appointed Many of the popes were Italian and appointed the cardinals
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Reformations - Reformations The protestant and catholic...

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