Revolutions of 1848

Revolutions of 1848 - Revolutions of 1848 Hint Prussia...

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Revolutions of 1848 Hint: Prussia, national unification, how they failed and succeeded in unifying Germany (failing during the revolutions of 1848, and succeed in national unification later; the efforts why they were and why they weren’t successful) - Generally speaking the revolutions of 1848 share a common process o They all begin with an initial mobilization of liberals o Republicans (want more rights) and nationalists (they want their borders to correspond with the territories) o These turn into movements against existing regimes o There is a popular uprising Unrest is increased by the hard times of the 1840’s- economic failures, business failures An initial success by these republicans, liberals and nationalists- an overthrow of the July monarchy In Austria and Prussia- political concessions After the initial successes there are issues between the radicals and moderates This makes a counter- revolution possible because they cannot come to a compromise - France; July monarchy created in the revolutions of 1830 o Had a number of enemies; challenged by republicans in France who wanted electoral reform These people decided to throw a banquet- but the king’s president Francois Guizot banned the event He institutes curfew; people in Paris demonstrate in anger o Louis Phillipe recognizes the signs; He dismisses Guizot to try to calm people down- and it might have worked however, the troops in Paris panic and they fire into the crowd killing 40 people the demonstrators respond by taking over a bunch of government buildings Louis Phillipe abdicates, and the second republic is proclaimed in 1848 o A provisional government is set up; but it is very quickly overwhelmed by the economic crisis Unemployment grows, so the government come up with national workshops They pay unemployed workers to do public works o Building roads, maintaining things in the country Despite these concessions, the workers continue to make demands There are elections to be had to bring a permanent government and a bunch of conservatives get elected
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o This increases social tensions in france o France is a republic that is now dominated by conservatives The revolution of 1848 spreads rapidly from France to the rest of Europe - German states; with the news of the revolution in France, the rulers make concessions in several of the German states and put liberals into the government o They become known as the March governments (it all went down in
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Revolutions of 1848 - Revolutions of 1848 Hint Prussia...

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