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Scientific revolution

Scientific revolution - Copernicus and Kepler Explore the...

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Copernicus and Kepler- Explore the heavens Kepler moves to Prague because he was persecuted as a protestant - Kepler shared Copernicus’ belief that the earth was moving while the sun stood still o He carefully plotted the orbit of mars, and in doing so, he concluded that the orbit of the planets were not perfect- elliptical The planets were affected by a force emanating from the sun He used observation and mathematics to demonstrate that the planets were separate from the stars He believed that the planets had different properties from the stars- they are fixed, planets are not o Took issues with Aristotle’s crystalline spheres did not exist o Kepler gives God a hand back into the universe The hand of god is not required to govern the workings of the universe- but he created it and set it in motion The sun is not the center of the universe Catholics didn’t like this o He sought to glorify god by demonstrating consistency, harmony and order - Sir Francis Bacon- from England, multitalented individual; lawyer, statesman, philosopher, and he decided to launch an attack on medieval ideas on metaphysics and science o The idea of science as a discipline does not exist until the revolution o He helps to detach science from philosophy Rejected any argument that was based on the authority of the church or does not have proof Calls for a total reconstruction of the sciences, arts and all human knowledge o He isn’t known for what he discovered- he is important because he reform the way we approach things o He launches a new way of reasoning Inductive reasoning Comes from observation and experimentation; then there is a generalization about it An effort to reveal the truths of the universe through scientific experiments rather than religion - Galileo o He works in Italy- comes up with new ways about thinking about the heavens, new types of scientific measurement, and ways of observation This plays a big role in the scientific revolution- it is a way of approaching things- not application Large advances in technology- Telescope o Upon learning that a guy had invented a ‘spyglass’ in Holland, Galileo invented his own
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Study the stars beyond the naked eye, Jupiter’s moons, Saturn’s
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