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The Russian revolution

The Russian revolution - The Russian revolution and the...

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The Russian revolution and the Bolshevik state - For Russia WWI it is devastating, in the Autumn of 1915, Tsar Nicholas II took personal command of the army o He left the government in the hands of his wife, Empress Alexandra; she was under the influence of Grigori Rasputin He was a monk and a mystic- her son was a hemophiliac and she believed that Rasputin could help him As his power began to grow, the power of the regime decreases o After his murder in 1916 it was not enough to stop the collapse of the Russian government War is going on, and the war is not going well, early in 1917 there are demonstrations that sweep the capitol of formerly St. Petersburg People have no food, no fuel, inflation Tsar Nicholas is unable to suppress the demonstrations, so he abdicates on March 15, 1917 o The provincial government promises reform o In April of 1917, Vladimir Lenin is a leader of a radical Marxist group known as the Bolshevik comes into power He presents his vision for Russia in the April Theses They believed that their party should press for a revolution by the people The Bolsheviks and other socialists call for an end to the war so they can help the people They wanted to confiscate the land of the great land owners o Then distributed out to the peasants Wanted seizure of food from the country side to be given to them as well o The provisional government was not prepared to meet the demands of the radicals In October 1917, Lenin ordered his followers to make plans to overthrow the provisional government He implements his plan on November 6-7 of 1917 The red guards- an armed group organized by the socialist Petrograd soviet o A soviet is a Russian word for counsel They seize the city of Petrograd, and announces a new regime on Nov. 7 This new regime is called The counsel of the People’s commissars o The Bolsheviks take control of other cities and towns, following the November revolution, Lenin and his followers try to implement his vision of society They separated the Russian orthodox church from the state
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