The Wars of Religion

The Wars of Religion - The Wars of Religion Part I...

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The Wars of Religion Part I: Religious Wars in France - Spain, France, Hapsburg Austria o Three of the four most powerful states are Catholic in Europe o The political institutions of the protestant states are not in control of their government o Monarchs listen to the church, well seated monarchy controlling their state - Peace of Augsburg- religion of the ruler is the religion of the state o Did not end the rival between Catholics and protestants o Religious conflict defines the first half of the century The age of the wars of religion Religious Conflict in 16 th Century - Reaches France in the 1500’s - King was Fancis I, Valouia o Capable of reducing the papal authority in France when he forced the pope to sign the Concordat of Bologna with Pope Leo X Said that the king got to choose the bishops and not the pope He had control over the church in his kingdom more so than the pope o He did not rule for a long time and was succeeded by Henry II Henry began a program of religious oppression He was accidentally killed during a jousting tournament - Religious Repression o Henry was succeeded by his 15 year old son Francis II Catherine de Medici was his mother and lord regent to the young king- she had two other sickly sons as well o Not everyone liked her authority, she was challenged by other noble families o The War of the Three Henry’s Guise Family (Catholic) Montmorency (Catholic) Bourbon Family (Hugenot- protestant) Conspiracy (Louis prince of Conde) In 1560 this member of the Bourbon Family conspired to abduct Fancis II o Wanted to remove the king from the cluches of the house of Guise because they were kind of in control Guise family kills some Bourbon’s because of this after they find the conspiracy Francis dies after 18 months on the throne, succeeded by his ten year old brother: Charles IX
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Charles is also ruled by his mother - Rivalry between these families undermines royal authority o House of Guise had several important positions in the church They were also backed by Phillip II of Spain and the Jesuit religious order o The French protestants (Calvinists) were taking advantage of the upset in the succession Become bolder in practicing their religion due to lack of authority on the kings rule In towns where they were in the majority they began desecrating catholic cemeteries, shattered altar rails and did damage in general, getting very bold The catholics responded by killing the Calvinists
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The Wars of Religion - The Wars of Religion Part I...

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