United provinces of Italy

United provinces of Italy - United provinces of Italy - the...

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United provinces of Italy - the theme for this time period is unification o the popular stirrings in these states started because people weren’t happy at the way things were going and the peasants tried to take over Several cities in central italy proclaimed independence from the papal states Austrian troops came three weeks after the creation of the unified province o They surrendered; the soldiers were slaughtering everything o The Italian insurrection collapsed Jeseppe Matzeeni was the guiding person for this He tried several times 1834-1836 to unify Italy and again in 1844 o He legitimized the idea of a unified Italy to the people o Conspiracies and insurrections were failing- so they began looking to Piedmont Sardinia which was the strongest state Despite this, the peninsula was dominated by foreign powers outside the state o Also attempts at liberal ideas in Spain that failed as well Isabella the son of Ferdinand VII- after he dies civil war breaks out Some people don’t want a woman ruling, some are for the crown (1843) The people who were against her claim to the throne- Carlests; they supported Ferdinand’s brother Carl o Didn’t want a woman ruling Liberals started fighting about how they wanted to change the government The general Ramone Narvez implemented a conservative constitution and made peace with the catholic church- o He then restricts the press- he began his power as a liberal; he was violent On his death bed; his dying words ‘ I have no enemies, I have shot them all’ o Germany Was more successful with unification There were many revolts because there were so many states
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United provinces of Italy - United provinces of Italy - the...

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