WofR part 3

WofR part 3 - Test on Monday, Sept 25. Exam review 6 pm...

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Test on Monday, Sept 25. Exam review 6 pm Thursday Lockett 9 Bring a Blue Book- the large one ID’s- 5 1 Essay Question Protestants were revolting against the Catholics, Ferdinand the second was angry, the HRE- Bohemia had offered the crown to someone - HRE makes a deal with Phillip II of Spain o The king agrees to send troops but only if he gets the lower Palatinate after the victory Wars of Religion- Conflict in Bohemia - Frederick, Elector of Palatinate - Outside intervention: Spain and Maximilian I of Bavaria o The king, he is Catholic, he also offers to send help to the HRE He sends an army, but he wants the upper Palatinate He also wants Frederick’s title of Elector Be casting votes on who gets to be the HRE o In 1619 Spanish army and money is on the way, the Bohemian crisis reaches a point of no return The Bohemian wanted help from the Dutch, but they were busy with Spain Several of the German protestant states did not want any part in it because they feared Catholic rebellions in their own land - Expansion of Conflict- 1620 o The Catholic league raises an army, largely Bavarian 30 thousand troops They are lead by Count Johannes von Tilly He subdues upper Austria, then defeats the main protestant union army in November 1620 Catholic forces are now in control of Bohemia But they did not stop with Bohemia, they overrun Silesia as well, Moravia, Austria and the upper part of the Palatinate The extent of this Catholic victory expands the war, because they invaded other soverign nations They felt it was their chance to bring these states back to Catholicism o This forces the protestant forces are not going to make a truce because it is not about compromise now Frederick continues to fight on despite half of his country has been overrun Gets help from France despite the fact that they are Catholic, they do not want Europe overrun by Hapsburgs
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o Believe people are more concerned with power than with religion He also turns to England, James I o Convinces him that a Catholic victory is going to embolden them to invade England again
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WofR part 3 - Test on Monday, Sept 25. Exam review 6 pm...

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