World War I

World War I - The Coming of World War I Great powers...

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The Coming of World War I - Great powers: germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia, italy, france, Britain - Otto Von Bismarck got pushed into imperialism o He believed that a unified german should have no further territorial ambitions; he sought to consolidate germany’s gains on the continent To do this, peace and stability in Europe were necessary- the best way was to isolate France o France wanted to regain the provinces of Alsass and Loraine in 1871, but they were too weak to openly challenge germany without any allies o G.B. continued its policy of isolation from affairs on the European continent Their imperial interest conflicts with france and Russia o Austria takes a defensive position They are seeking to limit the growth of Slovak nationalism within its borders Slovak nationalism- people of Slovak decent wanted their own country like Hungary got with Austria To the south east of the country in the Balkans as well o Russia continues its traditional expansionalist policies Wanted to advance their power in east Asia and also in the Balkans, the buffer between the Austrian empire and Russia This competing interest leads to a lot of disputes between them o Italy wanted to claim great power status Its efforts to build a north African empire leads to disputes with France - Bismarck begins his efforts to isolate France and stay allied with Austria o Leads to the formation of the Three Emperor’s League 1872 Three empires: Russia- Alexander II, Germany- William I, and Austria- Francis Joseph They got together and pledged to cooperate in efforts to maintain the status quo- everyone liked how this were going, did not want any changes Russia had increased their influence in the Balkans- so Austria had to get something- They received the right to rule the Turkish provinces of Bosnia and Herzegovina Although they were not allowed to annex them- like the Holstein and the Danes The British get something- they get to occupy the island of Cyprus in the south of Greece o There was another Austria Russian conflict in the Balkans- this leads to the collapse of the Three Emperor’s League o In 1879, Bismarck sets up a secret defensive alliance with Austria
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The Dual Alliance of Austria and Germany Provided for mutual aid in the event that either were attacked by Russia o Bismarck hoped to restore the league- in 1881 he is able to do so
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World War I - The Coming of World War I Great powers...

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