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Chapter 13 incomplete

Chapter 13 incomplete - 13 Cardiovascular Systems Functions...

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13 Cardiovascular Systems Functions of the Circulatory System – DOES NOT FILTER Transportation : ensure adequate blood flow through the capillaries to the various organs*** Respiratory : Transport Co 2 and Co 2 Nutritive : Carry absorbed digestion products to liver and to tissues Excretory : Carry metabolic wastes to kidneys to be excreted Regulation : Hormonal : Carry hormones to target tissues to produce their effects. - Heart produces ANP Atrial Naturitic Pepetide – regulates sodium because sodium dries things out. Temperature : divert blood to cool or warm the body Protection : Clotting : platelets and plasma proteins. Prevents blood loss Immune : Leukocytes (antibodies and T cells), cytokines and complement fixation protect against pathogens. The Heart (Fig 13.1) Four chambers 2 Atria (entrance) 2 Ventricles (pumping) Septum Interatrial Interventricular Base - top Apex – point KNOW Flow through heart, know names of tricuspid and pulmonary semi lunar valve 3 right 2 left side Must know when the valves open and close Blood Vessels Heart arteries arterioles capillaries venules veins back to the start heart Arteries – relatively large, branching vessels that conduct blood away from the heart Arterioles – small branching vessels with high resistance Capillaries – site of exchange between blood & tissue Venules – small converging vessels; have valves Veins – relatively large converging vessels that conduct blood to the heart Closed system Blood Erythrocytes RBCs – red blood cells Transports oxygen and carbon dioxide Leukocytes WBCs– white blood cells Defend body against pathogens 1
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Platelets – cell fragments Important in blood clotting Plasma – fluid and solutes Series Flow Through the Cardiovascular System Pulmonary circuit – to lungs to get oxygen. Deoxygenated. Supplied by right heart Blood vessels from heart to lungs and lungs to heart Systemic circuit – from lungs. Oxygenated.
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