Quizzes for the 2nd test

Quizzes for the 2nd test - a. Epi b. Ionotrophic c....

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Quizzes for the 2 nd test Quiz 3 1. Axonic synapses are: a. Always inhibitory b. Always excitatory c. Both/either d. Synapse with cell body 2. In an ESPS the NT binds to the receptor to a. Open K channels b. Close K channels 3. Chloride ion transport _____ the cell a. Hyperpolarizes b. Stabalize c. Depolarize d. e. 4. Muscarinic receptors are a. Metabotrophic b. Ionotrophic 5. Which of the following are biogenic amines? a. Epi b. DA c. Serotonin d. Histamine e. All 6. What is the role of Ca++ at the synapse? a. Triggers exocytosis of ACh C - they can do both EPSP closes K and opens Na D- Cl ions transport can hyperpolarize or stabilize the cell Metabotrophic All Quiz 4 1. Which receptor is found at the effector in sympathetic system?
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Unformatted text preview: a. Epi b. Ionotrophic c. Muscarinic d. Nicotinic e. Adrenergic 2. Which of the following is the regulatory protein in sarcomere? a. Tropomyosin b. Troponin c. Actin d. A and B e. A, B, C 3. The second source of ATP in muscle contraction is: a. Glycolysis b. Myosin ATPase c. Oxidative phosphorylation d. PCr e. Fatty acid 4. What is shown at S? 5. In the parasympathetic system, preganglionic neurons are: a. Long b. Short 6. Muscle twitches are more similar to a. AP b. Graded potentials E adrenergic D A and B C B actin A long B graded potential...
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Quizzes for the 2nd test - a. Epi b. Ionotrophic c....

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