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Biology: Test 2 Know blue and red heart pic… how blood flows through the heart and how it pumps blood… picture not on exam but need to know info in it… pulmonary veins. How a heart contracts Flower structures ….pic correct chose and what arrow is pointing at Ch. 25. . plant reproduction photo . . Know figure with man and big heart aorta, superior verta carva …..four viols in heart. The hearts that don’t have four chambers… vertebrate hearts: slide. Whats one of the problems with having a three chambered heart?- What are gills? Capillaries in their gills, just like humans. Bulk flow- ch 29 oxygen diffuses into … large amounts over long distances “ respir. system”
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Unformatted text preview: Diffusion-Plant: plant responses to environment need to know some of the hormones. Phototropism: respond to light Gravitropism: respond to gravity Cytokinins- work in the opp. Direction as auxins. Don’t need to know gibberellins. Why does grass grow back when you cut it?? – Ethylene- giving off by apples. The only gaseous hormone, ripens fruit. Auxins: Green algae: plant like protist Know why xylems move the roots up. Tube cell nucleus Double fertilization Plants have 2 types of maristem cells: lateral &...
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