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Chapter_24-_Plant_Anatomy - Chapter 24 BIO 1002 Chapter 24...

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Chapter 24 BIO 1002 2/7/2008 Chapter 24: Plant Anatomy and Nutrient Transport I. Plant Growth - 2 regions: root system and shoot system - Whole plant doesn’t grow, just special regions a. Meristem Cells: undifferentiated embryonic cells (not specialized), 2 types 1. Apical Meristem- found at both ends of plants (roots and shoots) - “primary growth”, throughout life of plant, increases height 2. Lateral Meristem- ring-like structure in dicots and conifers - “Secondary growth”, later in life, responsible for thickening of branches and trunks II. Plant Tissue Systems 1. Dermal Tissue System : outside covering a. Epidermis (skin) - covers outside of plant, thin-walled cells with waxy cuticle, to keep water in and bacteria out - Root hairs and leaf hairs are examples b. Periderm - Can replace the epidermis in older woody stems, branches, and trunks - Cork cells: thick-walled cells, waterproof and form the bark 2. Ground Tissue System a. Parenchyma - Thin-walled living cells, main photosynthesizers in shoot and
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