Are Drivers of Air

Are Drivers of Air - Are Drivers of AirBag Equipped Cars...

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Unformatted text preview: Are Drivers of AirBag Equipped Cars more Aggressive? Peterson and Hoffer Increasing number of researchers have hypothesized regulatory attempts to improve automotive safety through product design at least partially offset by driver behavioral changes 16:07 1970's--Peltzman "offsetting behavior hypothesis" imposition of mandated safety devices reduces probability of injury--only when driver intensity is constant Increase in driving intensity tends to offset the initial gain in safety for those protected and adversely affects others Literature Review Efficacy of government safety regulations Initially most researchers found little support for offsetting behavior hypothesis Debate over air bags: o No technological innovation has been so opposed initially and later embraced o Before NHTSA mandated feature for frontseat occupants for the 1998-- air bag was most controversial safety device In sorting model-- o Drivers with a greater likelihood of being involved in accidents shift their purchases to airbagequipped models Analysis of Insurance Loss Data Highway Loss Data Institute-- o Gather, process, and publish insurance loss experiences for makes and models of automobiles and light trucks o "overall injury" statistics provided by HLDI indicate relative frequencies of occupant personal injury claims under PIP policies presented annually in relative terms o Cars recently equipped with air bags experience increases in relative claim frequencies while resized cars experienced decreases Analysis of Traffic Fatality Data o Data leads to conclusion that cars equipped with air bags are driven more aggressively CONCLUSIONS: Strong support for the offsetting behavior hypothesis Risk to drivers in single car crashes is not diminished--percentage of occupants killed in single car crashes is unusually high Divers of airbagequipped cars tend to be more aggressive than drivers of cars not so equipped--added aggressiveness diminishes the protection afforded drivers of cars equipped with air bags and imposes additional risks on occupants and passengers in other vehicles. 16:07 16:07 ...
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Are Drivers of Air - Are Drivers of AirBag Equipped Cars...

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