Intro_to_US_Health_care_systems - An Introduction to the...

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An Introduction to the U.S. Health Care System Introduction People are living longer today than they have ever before o due to improvements in medical care made possible by advances in biomedical research many problems with healthcare o due to lack of access to med care b/c of high uninsurance rates, declining health benefits for employed persons and their families, and the uneven geographic distribution of health care resources Pharmaceutical industry o Clearly part of the for profit business world, although it claims to be a high risk business, each year drug companies experience higher profits than any other industry National health Insurance as Solution World Historical Background o First NHI program appeared in 1880’s, proposed by Otto von Bismarck Used then existing network of sickness societies, both for and not for profit. Nevertheless it was a national program that certain categories of workers paid for medical care and provided cash support during periods of sickness and accidental injury. 1 st national health insurance scheme was created by a conservative constitutional monarchy By 1920’s most European industrialized countries had some national health insurance program o History of NHI in US Early days Started by American Association for Labor Legislation, program would have covered persons earning below a certain income level, emploers, employees, and states would have covered costs At first support was widespread however US entry into WWI generally deflated reform movement During new deal/aftermath National health insurance given lots of consideration during development of SSA of 1935 Harry Truman later tried to enact NHI as a a goal of his administration, he proposeda antional compulsory system to be paid for by combination of social security and general
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Intro_to_US_Health_care_systems - An Introduction to the...

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