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Information for Quiz 1 I. What does the quiz cover? a. The quiz covers the chapters on ‘Basic Term Components’ and ‘The Medical Record’, which are chap. 2 and 4 in the 2006 edition or chap. 1-2 in the 2008 edition. i. You are responsible for all the information in the chapter on ‘Basic Term Components’. You should memorize all the ‘Common Prefixes’, ‘Common Combining Forms’, and ‘Common Suffixes’ which appear at the end of this chapter. ii. You are responsible for the following information in the chapter on ‘The Medical Record’. 1. Be familiar with the information on the ‘History and Physical’, ‘Progress Note’, and ‘Prescription’. 2. Know the ‘Common Abbreviations and Symbols’ pp. 92-94 (2006), pp. 74-76 (2008) 3. Know the ‘Medical Record Abbreviations’ pp. 79-80 (2006), pp. 67-68 (2008) 4. Know the ‘Common Medical Record Terms Related to Disease’ pp. 86-87 (2006) 64 (2008) II. What you don’t need to know for the quiz . a.
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