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Information for Quiz 2 I. What does the quiz cover? a. The quiz covers the Integumentary System and Musculoskeletal System , which are chap. 5-6 in the 2006 edition or chap. 3-4 in the 2008 edition. i. Integumentary System 1. Carefully study and memorize the terms presented in the tables entitled Combining Forms , Anatomical Terms , Symptomatic Terms , and Diagnostic Terms . 2. Be familiar with the information concerning the layers of the skin, particularly what I presented in class. 3. Be aware of the differences between primary/secondary lesions as well as the categories (e.g. lesions which are solid masses vs. those which have fluid in their cavities) and names of these lesions. 4. For particular conditions/diseases/lesions which are in your textbook, be aware of both the medical term and its corresponding lay term (e.g. scar = cicatrix) 5. Know the differences between the various skin grafts and medications. ii.
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