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Physics 122 Fall 2009 Assignment 1 Individual and Workshop Problems are due at 12:00 pm, Wednesay, September 16 , in the locker near the door of B&L 106. Note to look for your TA/TI’s name on the locker. Reading Assignment: Read Giancoli Chapter 21-22. Workshop Questions: These are the questions you will discuss in Workshop, but no need to be handed in. Q1-1. When you walk across a carpet while wearing rubber-soled shoes and then touch a metal doorknob, you may receive a small electric shock. Explain this sequence of events in terms of flow of electrons. (Note: friction of rubber on cloth produces a negative charge on the rubber.) Q1-2. Giancoli, Chap. 21, Question 9. Q1-3. Giancoli, Chap. 21, Question 21.
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Unformatted text preview: Workshop Problems: These are problems that you’ll work together in Workshop. You should read and try to solve these problems before the Workshop . It should be handed in together with the Individual Problems P1-1. Giancoli, Chap. 21, Problem 11. P1-2. Giancoli, Chap. 21, Problem 43. P1-3. Giancoli, Chap. 21, Problem 49. Individual Problems: You are expected to reach the solution individually, although conceptual discussions among peers or in the workshop are allowed. P1-4. Giancoli, Chap. 21, Problem 10. P1-5. Giancoli, Chap. 21, Problem 35. P1-6. Giancoli, Chap. 21, Problem 46. P1-7. Giancoli, Chap. 21, Problem 48. P1-8. Giancoli, Chap. 21, Problem 50. 1...
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