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Integrative Assignment -- AEM 344

Integrative Assignment -- AEM 344 - Professor Brian Wansink...

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Professor Brian Wansink AEM 344 Integrative Customer Assignment Two copies of this Integrative Assignment are due at the beginning of the Monday class of Thanksgiving week. It is worth 20% of your grade for the course. The tools that we have worked with though out the first part of Consumer Behavior can be applied throughout your professional and personal life. They will have a positive impact, no impact, or a negative impact on you. • They will have a positive impact if you use them judiciously • They will have no impact if you do not use them • They will have a negative impact if you do not use them and a competitor does. There is a secret to making these work for you. Practice. This last assignment enables you to practice using these tools in a context that is relevant to your specific interests. It involves doing a laddering interview, developing a customer profile, conducting two Inside Sources interviews, developing a communication tool (ad, poster, brochure, sales letter, pitch sheet, etc.), and recommending a specific marketing mix.
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