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AEM 448 Food Merchandising Spring ‘09 Prof Perosio Customer Solution Center Assignment Situation: The idea of a Customer Solution Center is a very innovative yet challenging new concept in the supermarket world. Given the ultra-competitive market in which grocery retailers operate, it is also a concept that has been given much attention because of its likely ability to serve as a point of differentiation. In essence, a Solution Center is an area of a supermarket that is solely devoted to serving a particular customer need ranging from a holiday occasion to an organic diet lifestyle. It should be noted that an excellent Solution Center concept has the ability and potential to serve as a destination point in a particular store and pull customers in who might not have otherwise considered shopping at a particular location. One specific example would be development of “Baby Solution Centers” that provide a
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Unformatted text preview: multitude of baby-related products ranging from baby food to strollers in one central location within the store. Your Challenge: You are a team of consultants who have been engaged to propose a specific Customer Solution Center concept to an audience of grocery retailers. Your proposal should center on a relevant topic in the current retail landscape and meet a customer need that you will feel is pressing. You will be given the opportunity to pitch your concept in class during a short, five-minute presentation. Ideas will be judged in essence on whether or not your fellow classmates would invest in such an idea for their planned grocery outlets. Specifically, facets such as creativity, organization, and presentation will be assessed. You should feel free to utilize any props you need to best illustrate the potential of your concept. AEM 448 Food Merchandising Spring ‘09 Prof Perosio...
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Solution_Center_Assignment - multitude of baby-related...

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