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AEM 448 Food Merchandising Spring ‘09 Prof Perosio Term Project Build a Better Store Senior management would like you to combine and enhance the work you have been doing all semester on your store into a final and formalized proposal/project. Much of what you have already completed this semester should be included in this proposal however, there are additional issues you must address. Senior management staff expects you to defend and substantiate your proposal using information researched from the trade press, academic journals, and research studies. This research should be evident throughout the paper in every section. The quality of the research and integration of it effectively into your term paper will weigh heavily in your overall term paper grade. Don’t forget, management rewards creativity and innovation. In fact, management is so excited about this project that she is willing to reward substantial prizes to the “winning” store. Check out page 2 for the fine print! Specifically, your proposal should include the following sections: Introduction (10 points) Introduce the type of format you have and your target customer Briefly describe how your store/format addresses the target market you have
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This note was uploaded on 09/23/2009 for the course AEM 4480 taught by Professor Perosio, d during the Spring '09 term at Cornell.

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Term_project - AEM 448 Food Merchandising Prof Perosio Term...

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