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Professor Wansink AEM 344 1 Exercise for Next Class and for the Laddering Assignment for Next Wednesday (see reverse) Monday’s session is titled, “Why We Buy.” In preparation for this session, you will be asked to interview a person who recently purchased a product costing under $10 that the person had not planned to buy. The objective of this interview is to very specifically and insightfully understand why he or she bought this product in instead of another option (which could have been another product or nothing at all). On no more than 1 single-spaced page (detailed bullets are fine), summarize your insights on three questions: 1. Why did they really buy this? 2. What is an insight you learned about consumer behavior that surprised you? 3. How could you use this insight to either (choose a or b) a. Encourage your roommate to donate blood to the Red Cross b. Encourage someone to buy cream cheese with their bagel at the WowNet Digital Cafe During these first two weeks when I am getting to learn names, this exercise will could toward class participation. ----------------
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Why_You_Buy_Exercise_344 - Professor Wansink AEM 3441...

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