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CIS484 Assignment #2 A GUI Database Interface Application Due Sunday 9/20/09 before midnight For this assignment you will create a JFrame-based GUI application that presents a user interface to the Furniture database, via the DbSource class that you created in the previous assignment. This application will make use of components that you have previous experience with from CIS 331, including JList, JButton, JPanel, JTextField, JLabel, and JComboBox. You will also get some practice with new components such as JTabbedPane, JTable, and JScrollPane. In the past you worked with layout managers such as BorderLayout and FlowLayout, and you will also use layouts in this application. In addition, you will also learn how control placement of components into containers without using a layout manager, instead placing the components in absolute, fixed positions in the container. Since a good part of this assignment makes use of the same GUI components from your last assignment in CIS 331, you should make sure to review the 331 GUI notes and examples, as well as going over your code for that assignment. The purpose of this application is to allow a user to see pertinent information about
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assn2 - CIS484 Assignment #2 A GUI Database Interface...

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