Lecture 17, Ch. 38

Grain s female gametophyte megasporocyte in ovule

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Unformatted text preview: gametophyte: megasporocyte (in ovule) divides by meiosis to 4 cells, only 1 survives to a 1-N megaspore; 3 mitotic divisions forms the embryo sac; includes: 1 egg cell (female gamete) and 2 polar nuclei (synergids) Double fertilization s s s s s Pollination (pollen grain lands on a receptive stigma) Tube cell (pollen tube produced down the style) Generative cell (2 sperm by mitosis) Enters ovary through micropyle 1 sperm fertilizes egg to form zygote; other sperm combines with 2 polar nuclei to form 3n endosperm (food-storing tissue) Plant fertilization QuickTimeK and a Cinepak decompressor are needed to see this picture. The seed s s s s s s s...
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