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530.215 MECHANICS-BASED DESIGN Prepared by KTR General Solution Format for Design Problems 1. Solutions to a Design Problem should be no more than 6 pages long, including the sketch. 2. No Design Problem should take more than five hours to solve – if you spend more time than that, you are doing too much. 3. State the intended market, and identify critical ethical and legal issues. 4. State what you know about the problem. What are the constraints on the system or component? Some of those constraints will arise from the issues discussed above. 5. Define the design problem in terms of engineering design criteria. These criteria should be listed in bullet format, so that it is easy to check whether you have in fact met these criteria with your final design. State explicitly any assumptions that you make. 6. List concepts that you considered before settling on your final design. 7. Provide a drawing of your design. This must be a neat drawing, preferably but not necessarily printed. It must include dimensions, and a key or labels to be able to connect
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