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comm actuate outline

comm actuate outline - Maya Grinberg Comm 201 Actuate...

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Maya Grinberg Comm 201 Actuate Outline Title : Take a CHILL PILL! General Subject : Leisure time Specific Subject: College Students Need to Manage their Stress and Can do so by Engaging in More Leisure Activities. Purpose : To entice my audience into planning more leisure activities into their schedules, because leisure activities have been proven to decrease stress. Organization Pattern : Problem Solution Main Points : I. College Students are extremely stressed out. II. Research […] has shown that leisure activities help decrease perceived stress levels. III. Several easy steps to incorporating leisure activities into a regular schedule to help fight stress and anxiety caused by academic expectations. Central Idea : Since research shows that college students are reporting increasing levels of stress due to the academic pressures of everyday life, we as college students need to employ proven stress relieving methods such as the incorporation of leisure activities into our daily schedules to find relief for our anxiety. Introduction : Allow me to recite few statements. As I speak, I would like for you all to raise your hands when you believe that you have thought a similar statement in the past month. “I have two prelims in the same week, and they are both gonna suck. My paper is due in four days and I don’t have a thesis yet. I have no idea what I’m going to do my final project on. I have a slacker in my group and I’m afraid he won’t pull his weight on the assignment. I’ve got NO IDEA what to do my actuate speech on. I am extremely stressed out. I need a break.” I noticed that a lot of you raised your hands more than once. That’ s alright, typical even. According to the American Academy of Stress, more than 73% of college students report feeling stress as a result of academic expectations (Pathos— emotional appeal, comparison of self to subject of speech). You might think a little stress isn’t a big deal—but it is. The more stress a human being is forced to endure, the more havoc it wreaks on his/her immune system, causing all sorts of troubles down the road. There’s no reason to panic though, the relief of our stress doesn’t have to be treated by strait-jackets or medication. We can help ourselves by doing something we wouldn’t normally expect would be such a remedying solution: Chilling out! Research shows that the insertion of leisure activities into ones schedule greatly reduces the effects of stress on the body and mind. Today I am going to tell you about just how badly college students are affected by stress and anxiety, what can be done to decrease these levels of pressure.
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Finally, I’ll go through several things YOU can do to ease your way into a less crazed, more contented academic career.
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