Introduction%20to%20Pro%20Engineer - Lab 1: Pro-ENGINEER...

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Unformatted text preview: Lab 1: Pro-ENGINEER Part Modeling Erik Phillips, H i r o s h i Y a m a g u c h i Part 1: Setup Spring 2009 In the HAC lab, Pro-E is located under the start menu. Start Menu Programs Engineering Applications Pro Engineer The first thing to do after the program finishes loading is to assign a working directory. Its recommended that you bring a flash drive, and create a folder on it for your part and other files. In the top left corner of Pro-E, look for: File Set Working Directory Navigate to find the folder you created, double-click on it, and then press OK . Now, its time to create a part. In the top left of the main Pro/E screen, press: File New The following menu should appear. Keep everything as is, and enter a name of your choosing for the part. Then press OK (*Note the template controls the units. Default uses inches for length, and pounds for force. Un-clicking the template box will open up a menu to change units. For this lab, stick with default) A blue screen should appear. If its not already selected, click on the Datum planes on/off button to toggle on a 3D set of planes (the button should be on the top of your screen): You should now see this: You can rotate the three dimensional planes with the following controls: Translate: Hold down Shift and the Middle Mouse Button , and then move the mouse Rotate Planes: Hold down the Middle Mouse Button , and move the mouse Zoom: Scroll with the Middle Mouse Button To return things to their original view: Click on the Saved view list button along the top of the screen: (its the one with the little AB on it) And select Default Orientation from the menu that appears. Were going to create the part by choosing one of the three planes, sketching a 2D picture on it, and then pulling it out into a third dimension....
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This note was uploaded on 09/22/2009 for the course MECH EN.530.101 taught by Professor Okamura during the Spring '09 term at Johns Hopkins.

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Introduction%20to%20Pro%20Engineer - Lab 1: Pro-ENGINEER...

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